About Us

We are about:

Creating a passion for Christ, love for all, and making disciples for transformational change in our world.


  1. We are a church with an open door to all who desire to know Jesus Christ in a personal/eternal relationship.
  2. Come as you are and expect to be changed by a God who has a plan for your life.
  3. We operate with teams of people who dream, design, and direct their God-born ministries.
  4. Epiphany is a family. Although we offer the benefits of a large church our DNA is family!
  5. We encourage Small Group participation which allows each of us to be supported, cared for, and grow in God’s grace.
  6. Although we are a large church, you feel connected and a part of a family.
  7. We offer a variety of services for you to connect with God;
  8. both traditional and contemporary worship styles are available.
  9. Epiphany is proud to be a United Methodist Congregation.
  10. Most of our members and friends come to us from other faith traditions or no faith tradition.
  11. We believe the United Methodist way of holding together personal and societal salvation,
  12. grace and good works, and the unceasing quest for growth in Jesus Christ is too good not to share.
  13. Epiphany is a lay-driven church.
  14. Clergy and laity seek to partner in providing vibrant ministry inside and outside the church.
  15. Epiphany is a community of Christian practice.
  16. We encourage everyone to engage in the ancient and contemporary practices that open our hearts to God’s grace,
  17. including prayer, study of Scripture, sacrificial giving, fasting, service to others, justice, and care for creation.
  18. Epiphany is grounded in preaching/teaching the Biblical truth of God’s amazing grace.
  19. A grace that finds us, a grace that converts us, a grace that grows us, and a grace that perfects us in love.