Community Rewards

Kroger uses a Rewards Program that is tied to your Kroger Plus Card. We are asking our Epiphany family to register their Kroger Plus Card to Epiphany’s number so that every time you use it, your purchases count toward our reward.
Kroger will pay up to $1,250,000 per quarter among all participating organizations based on their spending percentage so share this information with family and friends! The more Kroger Plus Cards registered, the more benefits for our church. This is a no cost (free) way to support our Debt E-Limination Program. This program does not affect your points earned on your Kroger Plus Card. It’s easy to register!

Here’s how to register:
**If your Kroger Plus Card is already registered, skip to #8.

1. Register online at:
2. Have your Kroger Plus Card handy
3. Click on Sign In/Register
4. Click on Sign-Up Today
5. Enter Zip Code, Click your Favorite Store, enter an email address and password, agree to terms & conditions
6. Then, check your email account for an email from Kroger
7. Click on the link to confirm account
8. Click on My Account and LogIn
9. Click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards information & input your Kroger Plus number.
10. Enter #80940 for Epiphany, click the Search Button. Select Epiphany (click dot) and Save changes.
11. Verify by seeing Epiphany’s name on the right side of your info page.

After you have registered your card to Epiphany’s number, please either swipe your registered Kroger Plus Card or use your phone number each time you shop at Kroger. All proceeds go directly to Epiphany’s Debt E-Limination program. Thank you for helping us continue to pay down the church mortgage debt, where every card counts!

The AmazonSmile Program is provides a wonderful opportunity for Epiphany United Methodist Church to receive donations from our members and friends who shop at AmazonSmile. This is a great way to make your spending dollars help Epiphany realize its vision by eliminating its mortgage debt with all donations going directly to principal debt reduction.

Simply go to and selecting Epiphany United Methodist Church as the non-profit organization for Amazon to send donations. Amazon Smile works with Amazon and Amazon Prime. Then, each time you shop, sign-in with Amazon Smile and your account information will be available on the site and you shop as normal.

Thank you, Epiphany, for helping in this small way to make a big impact on eliminating our mortgage debt. Please contact Cindy Gordon at with any questions.