Scouting at Epiphany

Epiphany operates Scouting programs for the benefit of both church families and families within our community who would like to have their children and teens involved in a faith-based character development program that teaches skills in an outdoor setting.

CUB SCOUTS: Cub Scouts are for families with boys who are age 6 to 10. Boys begin as tiger cubs, progress through bear and wolf scouts and become weblos (We’ll Be Loyal Scouts). A family may join the program at any time during the year and their son need not have been in cub scouting before. Cubs are grouped in dens with friends their own age and attend weekly meetings. The entire cub pack meets each month to recognize the advancement earned by each boy. Many of these advancements are earned at home in fun activities involving the boys interacting with their family.

Epiphany has a Cub Scout pack (grades 1-5) that is currently each accepting new members.

Cub  Scouts, Loveland Pack 635

: Boy Scouts are for teens age 11-17 who are begining to attain a measure of self-reliance. Leadership skills are taught and each boy, advancing at his own rate, selects a group of merit badges that interest him. Often the achievement of these badges helps young men select a career field.

Epiphany has a Boy Scout troop (grades 6-12) that is currently each accepting new members.

Boy Scouts, Loveland Troop 635

Scouts Council:
Dan Beard Council